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About us

Who we are

For more than 7 years we (Vyacheslav Rudnitskiy, Alexey Kovalenko and our team) have been guiding our students in the field of education. Our clients range from big IT companies to promising start ups. We’ve become reliable specialists in the area of English language teaching and communicational skills development.

Being Savvy means being knowledgeable, well skilled and generally informed. The very spirit we convey in our everyday practice. We strive to make English, communicative and generally educative skills better class after class using approach that would be suitable exceptionally for each and every company as a single individual.

Our primary goal is to help our clients broaden their awareness of their own problems in communication and education as well as guide and set the task on our mutual way of evolution.

We Are Savvy
Key Idea

Our values

  • Education comes first

Education, interesting projects and spreading knowledge come first. Income and being competitive come as the result.

  • Collaboration and growth

We welcome teachers interested and willing to cooperate. We inspire and encourage the professional growth.

  • Continuous learning

We don’t stop. We keep on learning. We say with straight faces we have learnt something new every week, every month, every project.

  • Problem solving

It’s not only English we teach. We strive to resolve and fulfill communicational and professional needs of our clients by all possible means.

  • Honesty

We are aware of ourselves and true to our clients. We take those projects we can do our best at.

We Are Savvy



- Cambridge teaching methods

- Communicative approach

- Interactive learning


- Skills and competences based learning

- Role playing and simulators

- Case studies


- Strategic planning facilitation

- Advisory and key staff coaching

- Moderating brainstorming and discussions


- Planning, implementing and monitoring of education process

- Support in change integration

- Organizing people around the idea


- A positively focused way to explore options and opportunities

- Fostering individual performance

Switching staff's attention to future