Savvy products

Savvy provides individually designed focused vocational English language courses according to the corporate requirements of our clients.

The most common courses are:

All Savvy courses are (delivered based on) executed in communicative approach in accordance with Cambridge methodology and interactive techniques used in training sessions. The basics of the approach are:

  • IT contextualized and personalized tasks
  • Interaction and communication of all participants of the group
  • Learners-centered class
  • Balanced language skills teaching (Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing)

The granted benefits of our English courses are:

soft skills training

Savvy develops teams and individuals’ soft skills by providing interactive training sessions in Russian, Ukrainian and English on actual issues:

Training the teams according to up-to-date methods is used grow and scale staff’s talent and motivation. Training sessions are required to adopt new expertise or competence in the shortest time periods.

The trainers are skilled and professional educators and coaches who have been gathering relevant and actual experience for thousands of hours of practical work in their area of expertise.

Savvy has tight relationship with partners like:

  • Negotiations
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Effective communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Time-management
  • Effective Mentorship
  • Asking effective questions
  • Pitching and presentations

Education management

Education management (EM) services for companies mean consulting, planning, execution and monitoring any stage of talent management process in the company.

EM can be provided by single services like reskilling talent managers, training mentors, reviewing or creating IDP (individual development plan) process, arranging external trainings etc.

The full cycle of Education management services is illustrated here:

Benefits of arranged Education management:

  • Higher promotion and growth rates
  • Faster experience and info sharing in the company
  • Obtaining new skills and competences faster
  • Increasing employees’ motivation
  • Engaging senior staff to team promotion
  • Establishing trustful employee-company relationship