Savvy runs a range of corporate workshops on soft skills in IT context.

Let’s start with the definitions first:

  • Workshop - is an intensive interactive learning format aimed to help the participants train a skill or a set of skills.
  • Soft Skills, also known as people skills, include Communication, Flexibility, Leadership, and Teamwork.

Savvy offers such standard programs based on the previous requests from our clients:

Savvy trainers will adjust the workshop content according to your request considering the context, needs and pain points of your team. Most of the cases are based on real IT-related situations.


Learners will get handouts and extra links to research for every tool.

Workshops are available in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages. However, we strongly advise the English ones.

The group size depends on the workshop. On average from 5 to 16 people with one trainer and up to 24 with 2 trainers.

The cost will depend on the level of required adaptations, time, place, and the trainer. On average a single training day might cost around USD 700 with one trainer and USD 1100 with 2 trainers. We take 50% prepayment and get both cash and bank wires in UAH, EUR or USD.