• Development Plan is

  • a management system for your

  • personalized learning experience


SDP is a management system for your personalized learning experience.

A 3-month self-learning course of English. You can study remotely, choose comfortable time and meet your mentor every week. Savvy provides all learning materials and motivation tools.

You need a personal learning plan if you:

  • are looking for a booster
  • need clear guidance
  • have learning experience
  • know exactly the area of English to improve
  • want to combine language and domain expertise

Who doesn’t need a development plan?

  • dreamers about easy ways
  • people without a clear request
  • students who dislike learning with screens
  • 100% self-motivated learners
  • Beginners with basic language skills

How does it work?

  • You set and discuss Goals with a mentor
  • We select the motivation system
  • We schedule the monitoring procedures
  • We remind and ping on tasks
  • We coordinate your learning

What will you do?

  • you will get the task
  • schedule your learning
  • do exercises, read, and write
  • ask questions if you face issues
  • check the results
  • get updates


  • personalized content
  • system of motivators
  • support and answers
  • flexibility of time and place
  • adjustable learning intensity

1000 UAH per month, 2800 UAH per course